Increasing Cross-Sales at the Brand New Account Opening

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Are the people who walk into your branches today to open their initial account often leaving with less than the products and services they logically need to manage and prosper in their financial lives?

Has your bank invested considerable money and worked for years, perhaps decades to increase cross-sales, and yet results have been disappointing?

If the answer to either of these two questions is “yes,” then don’t miss this webinar. Here’s why:

  • Although billions have been spent to increase cross-selling results, even top banks say the results have been disappointing. Cohen Brown researched the reasons why and developed a proven solution to leverage the most powerful gateway to increasing overall cross-selling success: The Brand New Account Opening.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn the biggest reasons for cross-sell underperformance today and why new account openings are the single best opportunity to maximize cross-selling with brand new customers.
  • See how a revolutionary and proprietary solution maximizes ethical cross-sales at new account openings, helps customers manage and prosper in their financial lives, significantly increases banker confidence, and produces an average increase of 2.0 additional cross-sales at New Account Openings regardless of the starting baseline of the bank.
  • Hear directly from bank executives and front-line bankers about the results they have achieved and the glowing customer feedback they have received with this remarkable solution.

Featured Presenters:

James W. Bywater
Executive Vice President Managing Director of Consulting Solutions
Cohen Brown Management Group

Martin L. Cohen, M.D.
Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Cohen Brown Management Group
Breakthrough PerformanceTech SM (BPT)

Julie A. Freeman
Regional Director North America
Cohen Brown Management Group

Kelly Loring
VP Retail Sales and Business Intelligence Manager
Central Bancompany
Ginger Kolb
Vice President of Retail Banking
Central Bank
Kelli Kloeppel
Personal Banker
Central Bank
Steve Champagne
Branch Manager
Citizens Bank


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