Invisible Authentication Improves Contact Center Security and Customer Satisfaction

Complimentary Web Seminar
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Brought to you by American Banker

The faster you authenticate customers in the contact center the better their overall experience and the less it costs to serve them. Meanwhile, slow and clumsy customer identification erodes satisfaction and makes it difficult to deepen and broaden relationships.

Join us for a webcast, sponsored by Level 3 Communications and TRUSTID, during which we will share details about how several large U.S. financial institutions have already put technology in place to improve customer experience in their contact centers while reducing operational costs and fighting fraud. The key: using customers’ phones to prove their identities before answering their calls.

The webcast will discuss why “ownership-factor” tokens are the gold standard of authentication, why you can’t trust a customer’s personally identifying information, and how new contact center technologies can revolutionize a company’s ability to fight fraud and improve the customer experience.

Featured Presenters:

Michael Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker

Patrick Cox

Art Goldberg
Director of Product Management
Level 3

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