Bite Size is the Right Size: Setting goal posts and quantifying returns in Digital Transformation

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With consumers demanding greater transparency, 7x24 service and any device access to their transactions, banks have no choice but to offer a seamless set of digital services. Yet legacy banking systems are extremely costly to replace, and banks are understandably reluctant to undertake a massive rip and replace effort.

Instead, most banks would prefer an incremental approach that targets key customer pain points, minimizes risk and offers a quantifiable and short-term return on investment.

But where should they begin? That is the pivotal question at the heart of this web seminar. Join us to explore:

  • How digital offerings make banks more nimble and competitive
  • The various paths to progressive Digital Transformation
  • The choice of starting points for Digital Transformation, their complexities and rewards

Featured Presenters:

Elliot Kass
Freelance Writer, Editor & Presenter
Tushar Chitra
Senior Director - Product Marketing
Oracle Financial Services Global Business Unit

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