Model risk management is key to regulatory and business sustainability

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Analytical models are the life blood of modern financial institutions. Throughout their lifecycles, they affect the needs of many different stakeholders across the organization. Adverse consequences result if business decisions are made as a result of misinformed or incorrect model use. Accordingly, financial institutions are marshalling their resources to address a variety of analytic and governance challenges underlying current and emerging business and regulatory requirements. As they do, Model Risk Management (MRM) becomes a pivotal competency. Historically, models were developed in silos without enterprise-level governance, leading to inconsistencies in data quality, quantitative methodology, model usage and validation processes. It is these shortcomings that MRM is specifically designed to address.

This webinar will start with challenges encountered in developing and implementing a fit-to-purpose MRM framework. Presenters will discuss best practices and lessons learned as they develop a MRM program that addresses the diverse needs of disparate stakeholders.

Featured Presenters:

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker
Sridhar Sourirajan
Director, Model Risk Management
Karen Reteneller
VP, Model Risk Management
SunTrust Bank

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