On-Demand Web Seminar
Why making good decisions isn't good enough

Hosted by American Banker

Business leaders know they need to leverage data, predictive analytics, and decision management technology to automate and improve decision making. But at many organizations the cost of building the necessary models and infrastructure is prohibitive—not to mention incredibly time-consuming.

Fortunately, analytics-as-a-service and real-time decision management systems (DMS) are emerging as lower-cost, more efficient solutions. In this webinar, experts will explain how businesses can utilize these solutions to vastly improve operational decision-making capabilities and create measurable results around credit risk, fraud, verification, payments, collections, and marketing.

Watch and learn:

  • How DMS use business rules, predictive models, and optimization to provide a repeatable, proven approach to problem solving
  • Top 5 considerations for selecting a DMS
  • How Enova Decisions combines analytics expertise, data source integration, and technical infrastructure to help businesses compete on analytics
Joe DeCosmo
Chief Analytics Officer
Enova International
Sean Naismith
Head Of Analytics Services
Enova Decisions
Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker

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