On-Demand Web Seminar

Converting Leads To Customers In A Digital World

Hosted by American Banker

While banks have been successful at moving almost all (85%) of the day-to-day customer interactions to digital channels, their traditional sales process still relies heavily on branch traffic that simply no longer exists. Currently, banks and credit unions are not able to close sales in the same place consumers are shopping, and this disconnect is quickly leading to lost sales and a sharp decrease in new customers.

FIs must align their sales and marketing efforts to meet the expectations of today’s digital-savvy customers and continue to attract and convert leads into customers. In this on-demand session, David Eads, CEO of Gro, will discuss the importance of having a digital sales platform to bring the digital checkout process and marketing efforts together to increase customer growth.

Attend this on-demand session to learn how to:

  • Leverage the rich data you already have in your legacy banking systems
  • Create highly-targeted campaigns to get the right offer to the right person at the right time
  • Use digital calls-to-action to funnel prospects and customers directly into the checkout process
  • Streamline application workflows to reduce abandonment and increase acquisition
David Eads
Founder and CEO
Gro Solutions, Inc.
Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker

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