On-Demand Web Seminar  
Enhancing the customer journey at M&T Bank

Hosted by American Banker

M&T Bank is working on a project to enhance its central customer data platform that will help improve the delivery and measurement of outreach to customers and prospects. But it wasn’t always easy to see how the transformation should begin and how it would ultimately improve the customer journey. View this on-demand webinar from M&T and SAS to hear how brands like M&T are leveraging data to enhance the customer experience.

You’ll also learn:

  • The business challenges that drive the need for change
  • Which agile philosophies and techniques are key to adopt for data integration and delivery
  • How customer-centricity benefits the bottom line
Gene Carella
VP, Customer Insights
M&T Bank
Wilson Raj
Global Director of Customer Intelligence
Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker

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