On-Demand Web Seminar  Digital from the start: The ROI of digital account opening

Hosted by American Banker

While bank branches and in-person experiences still play a valuable role in many banking relationships, today’s banking institutions need to be able to offer customers a fully digital experience that begins with account opening.

To investigate this topic, SourceMedia Research/American Banker conducted an online survey of banking professionals at banks with $500 million or more in assets, ultimately splitting respondents into two groups: banking institutions with high digital account openings and those with high non-digital account openings.

Just a few of the insights from the study that our panel discuss during our on-demand web seminar include:

  • The mostly digital account opening segment experienced 16% growth while the mostly non-digital group, had a 9% decline in revenue growth year-over year
  • How costs stack up for digital versus non-digital customer acquistions
  • Join us to hear more survey results and what they could mean for your business.

    Dana Jackson
    VP Research
    Leo Gil
    VP of Product
    Bottomline Technologies
    Suleman Din
    Technology Editor

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