On-Demand Web Seminar  Architecting the financial services digital enterprise

Hosted by American Banker

In the quest to maintain market leadership, Financial Institutions need to respond to a rapidly changing landscape with unprecedented competition propelling institutions towards digital transformation. There is a widespread recognition among business leaders that to achieve a digital enterprise requires rapidly shifting from IT infrastructure being a driver of marginal efficiency to becoming an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption.

With the ability to choose how to deploy, firms can now opt to build a private cloud, move across clouds by applying “containerization” architecture, and most likely use multiple public cloud service providers for a variety of cloud-based services.

This on-demand webinar provides a construct for understanding how to architect the Financial Services Digital Enterprise infrastructure. The focus will be on moving from siloed functions to a digital enterprise architecture across front, middle and back office. The central theme is how best to use hybrid cloud infrastructure as a shared service managed from a single-pane of glass across private and public cloud capabilities to obtain agility, speed, cost optimization and to ultimately achieve the business imperatives.

Kevin Lash
Head of Global Financial Services Solutions
Peter Rix
Executive Director, Vaxowave & former CTO of Barclays Africa
Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker

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