On-Demand Web Seminar  Preparing for CECL: What you need to know now

Hosted by American Banker

CECL presents largest change to GAAP accounting in decades and requires a significant modification to the way that credit unions gather and store their data as well as how they calculate and present their loss provisions. The ‘ripple effect’ of these changes will impact every financial institution’s marketing, governance and overall strategy for years to come.

Since the accounting guidance is intentionally nonspecific, many credit unions are struggling to establish a solid compliance plan while also minimizing disruption to their organizations. Join Rick Martin, Product Manager, for an informative on-demand discussion on the latest changes to the CECL pronouncement, how smaller financial institutions are adapting and how Fiserv can help turn the burden of compliance into the benefit of better strategy.

Rick Martin
Product Manager, Financial & Risk Management Solutions
Mike Sisk
Contributing editor
American Banker

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