On-Demand Web Seminar
The race to digital: How banks are creating two-way conversations with their customers

Jun 22, 2020 | 45 Minutes
Hosted by American Banker

Digital banking has been a hot topic for many years but was always seen as a “nice to have” versus a “need it now.” COVID-19 hit the nation like a sandstorm and as a result, has forever changed the way businesses interact with their customers, accelerating the need to get to digital and get to it fast.

As restrictions lift across the United States, it’s time to move from a reactionary strategy to crafting a plan to fit the new age of digital banking. Banks across the nation have quickly adapted to a digital approach as call centers relocate to home offices and mobile banking becomes essential but how will financial institutions respond to the new challenges that await? As emergency-backed loans create an influx of client inquiries, banks need to find ways to quickly and efficiently respond.

The focus has shifted to learning how to better engage your customer communications while not only working remote but also as demand increases for loans, payments as well as meeting regulatory compliance needs. In this 45-minute webinar, Bob Meara, Senior Analyst at Celent and Neal Keene, Field Chief Technology Officer at Smart Communications, walk through the implications caused by the pandemic and how retail and commercial banks can personalize their customer communications, increasing customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

In this on-demand webinar, we cover trends focusing on:

  • Servicing your customers in a cost-effective manner and in real-time
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance in a quick and nimble way
  • Enabling two-way conversations with your Advisors and Customers
  • Creating effective and timely communications across all channels
Bob Meara Neal Keene Mike Sisk
Bob Meara
Senior Analyst
Neal Keene
Field Chief Technology Officer
Smart Communications
Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker

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