On-Demand Web Seminar
Outperform your loss provisions: Increase recoveries through loan restructuring

Past Event Date: Sep. 02, 2020 | 60 Minutes
Hosted by American Banker

With $427 billion of loan loss charges predicted for 58 US banks over a three year period, modeling loss projections in a pandemic is largely based on macroeconomic factors with no visibility to the duration or recovery.

So what can lenders do within their control? Register for this on-demand webinar to hear experts discuss three key strategies to reduce charge-offs, increase recoveries and drop net credit losses in order to drive loss savings. Discussion includes game-changing approaches to restructuring consumer and auto debt.

Carissa Robb Jeff Bernstein Mike Sisk
Carissa Robb
President and COO
Jeff Bernstein
Senior Principal Consultant
Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor
American Banker

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